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Bloomfield Lodge is FOR SALE and has been placed into hibernation until new ownership is found.
Expressions of interest invited for this extraordinary opportunity to purchase one of the world’s unique resorts,
beautifully set on 2.9 hectares of freehold waterfront land between two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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Great Barrier Reef Fishing

Sport Fishing

Experience the thrill of tropical sport fishing whilst enjoying the picturesque local surrounds aboard our custom built fishing vessel. Specifically designed for local conditions, the Paradise Kingfisher is equipped with everything required to chase the elusive tropical prize fish. Tours are structured depending on season, tide and weather conditions - fishing creeks, headlands and inshore reefs. Targeted species include Mangrove jack, Queenfish, Nannygai, Giant Trevally and the iconic Barramundi. The fishing guides are keen local sport fishermen, who spend much of their spare time fishing these very waterways, perfecting their techniques and experimenting with new systems.

Quality fishing equipment and basic tackle is provided.

Half Day Fishing Adventure

A fun filled morning with our highly experienced and enthusiastic crew onboard the Bloomfield Explorer. We will head to the secret spots that have been tried and tested to catch you that fish of a lifetime! Some of the recent catches have been Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Big Chinaman Fish, Gold Spot Cod, Black King, Sweetlip and the Bull Dog of the ocean, the hard fighting Spanish Mackerel. In fact it could be any 1 of 1500 different species that inhabit the Great Barrier Reef. Click here for more information Fishing Activity

"A once in a life time experience, when you book a stay at Bloomfield Lodge, you’re paying for an experience you’ll never want to leave behind." More

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